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16 September 2006 @ 05:50 pm
Pretty Woman by Fern Michaels  
Rating: 5/5
Why: I loved it totally!
What happened: Rosie Gardener fell under the spell of handsome Kent Bliss, and not ever her best friend Vickie could persuade her that her fiance' was a two timing cad. Now it's her third wedding anniversary, and Roise, fed up wtih Kent's mistreatment, realizes her estranged best friend was right.But the after kicking Kent out and beginning a diet and excercise regime, Rosie experiences another life-changing event: she wins $302 million in the Wonderball lottery. Now with Kentlurking in the shadows to claim a share of her money, Rosie needs her friends more that ever. As she works out under the eye of sexy pesonal trainer Jack Silver, a stronger new Rosie emerges-- a woman who wants to learn to trust love once afain. Can she keep her vow not to be stopped by Kent's bitterness and her own self-doubtsand jump into life with a passion she didn't know she possessed? Yes she can!!!

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