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17 August 2006 @ 04:38 pm
Book Five  
She's Come Undone by Wally Lamb
Rating: 3/5
Why: It loses 2 points for the foul language.
What happened: Delores Price loses her dad in a divorce, then has to start living with her grandmother when her mother starts having mental issues. Then after her mother came back home to her grandmother's house, a new tenant moves upstairs in the upstairs apartment. Then the man and woman make nice with the family. Then Delores gets raped by Jack Speight, the tenant. Her mother starts feeding her non-stop and bought her a personal TV for her bedroom. When it comes time to go to college, Dolores is about 280 pounds, and she doesn't want to go. Her mother wants her to go so badly, and then the night Dolores says she might go, her mother is ran over besides the tollbooth she works in. Then Dolores goes to college a week early, and is stuck inthe dorms alone. She meets a girl about 29. The girl turns out to be gay, adn she falls in love with Dolores. Then Dolores meets her roommate and she thinks she's disgusting. She starts stealing her letters from her boyfriend, and then is exiled from her dorm. She quits going to her classes and then is humiliated at the college dance. She turns to the gay girl (whos name I forget) adn the they sleep together. She then hires a taxi driver to drive her to the Cape to see the beached whales. She then tries to drown herself, but realizes that she wants to live. She then is put into an insane asylum and realizes all of her problems...

She then finds her roommate's old boyfriend, marries him, and is treated like dirt. They divorce and she meets the man of her dreams and they marry. Then they go and see the whales...her newfound beliefs are in the whales and their powers.

Overall: I liked it, but like I said, I could do without the language. Near the end, I didn't see where Wally Lamb was going and then it ended abruptly.
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